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How To Acquire The 1969 Proof Set Of Mahatma Gandhi?


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Are you planning to buy the 1969 Mahatma Gandhi proof set and do not know where to purchase one? Don’t worry! Your search for the rare Proof Set Of Mahatma Gandhi ends here!

In India, there is a huge variety of coins issued to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi; the Father of our Nation. Mahatma Gandhi was born in 1869 and due to his immense efforts; India achieved independence from the British rule. Mahatma Gandhi was a great leader and owing to his satyagraha and non-violence movement, he had a great impact on Indians.

The commemorative coins of 1969 were issued to mark the 100th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. It was issued on 2nd October 1969. It is a set of 9 coins consisting of 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 & 50 paise and 1 & 10 rupee coins. These coins were minted at the Indian Government Mint located at Fort, Bombay. Each coin has the Bombay (B) mintmark, which indicates that they are proof coins struck at Bombay Mint.

The highest denomination coin, which is the 10 rupee coin, is made up of silver – copper alloy, and this beautiful coin weighs 15 gms. The percentage of silver is 80% and copper is 20% for the 10 Rs coin. The metal composition of one rupee and 50 paise coin is pure nickel. The rest of the denominations have aluminum, bronze, copper, and nickel in varied percentages.

The proof sets were originally packed in three different colored folders; brown, green, and blue. Only 9,097 such proof sets were issued, which makes this set an extremely rare one. So, grab the 1969 Proof Set Of Mahatma Gandhi now and add it to your personal collection! You can purchase it by visiting my website on Rare Indian Coins.