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Jodhpur Coins In The Name Of Queen Victoria And Maharaja Sardar Singh!


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Indian Princely State Jodhpur has issued countless varieties of coins and one such variety is the coin issued in the name of Queen Victoria and Maharaja Sardar Singh. These coins were struck in two mints – Jodhpur Mint and Pali Mint.

The main difference in both mints was that in Jodhpur mint, the obverse of the coin has jhar + daroga mark. The reverse of the coin has sword as mintmark. On the other hand in Pali mint coins, the obverse only has daroga mark. The jhar mintmark was on the reverse of the coin with the sword. The coins were minted in one mohur, half mohur, quarter mohur, one rupee, half rupee, quarter rupee, and 1/8th rupee denominations for Jodhpur mint. For Pali mint, only one rupee coin has been known.

The coin in context is the Jodhpur mint one rupee silver coin with daroga mark ‘aum brim’. There are some coins that have only ‘aum’ or only ‘sa’ as daroga mark. Coming back to our coin, the obverse has jhar + daroga mark + queen Victoria inscribed. Reverse has Shri mataji, Shri Sardar Singh, and sword. To add this beautiful Aum Brim daroga mark one rupee Jodhpur coin to your collection, visit my website on Rare Indian Coins right away.

Regarding a bit of history; Jodhpur was the largest princely state in the Rajputana Agency. Jodhpur city was built by Rao Jodha in the year 1459. Since then, many Mughal Emperors including Akbar and Aurangzeb invaded Jodhpur. Later on in the year 1818, Jodhpur came under the rule of Britishers and the state was merged into Rajasthan.

The coins of Jodhpur have always been a great attraction for collectors of princely state coins especially because they can add various varieties of Nazarana, gold, silver, and copper coins to their collection. After spending 15 years in Jodhpur, I have a soft corner for these beautiful Jodhpur state coins that are listed on my website.