About us


My name is Girish Bhambhani and I have been dealing in Indian Antiques, Indian coins, and Indian Paper Money since 2003.

I have also done Masters In Numismatics and Archaeology from DINESH MODY- Mumbai University and I am a proud member of the Mumbai coin society.

In case you want to buy some items from my shop or just have a query, then simply mail me at  girishbhambhani@hotmail.com and I would be more than happy to assist you.

I keep adding new stuff to my blog every day so keep looking 🙂 There could be some coins which are not listed here, so please mail me your want list and I would get back to you as soon as possible. Also, check my website for some more Old Indian Coins and Rare Indian Coins that I have put up for sale. I believe in customer satisfaction and I have more than 4000+ happy customers on eBay.


My mobile: 08879423609.

My Another Website for Old Indian coins- OldIndianCoins.com

One more website for Rare Indian coins – RareIndianCoins.com

My Facebook Profile



  1. Sanjay Gupta says:

    very very nice collection. Sanjay Gupta

  2. indiacoin says:

    Thank you Sir ji 🙂

  3. pradip says:

    Great collection girish ji……I have some siver coins of King George time and some gold coins of mughal era…..I ll sell if get a gud deal…..I hope u can help….

  4. Punit Mehta says:

    Dear Mr Girish,
    Glad to meet you and impress by your wonderful activities.
    Sir I have some old coins and other antique items collection, I want to sale that items so please let me know what is the procedure.
    Thanks and regard
    Punit Mehta

  5. Nikhil Jain says:

    I have few coins. Can u kindly tell me the details of the same?

    Nikhil Jain

  6. Ravit says:

    hey girish I am having RS 10 – L.K.JHA black note with 1 ship
    rupees 2 tiger red note in good condition please asap

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